Blacktech manufacture high quality air springs and certified under T16949:2002 which implements quality management systems to obtain this certification. Our production facility in Europe has the latest technology to produce high quality air spring products. 


 Features & Benefits:

• Provide equal suspension comfort under all kinds of environmental conditions including road surface and load constraints.

• Maintenance free operation.

• Ease loading and unloading by adjusting chassis height of the vehicle.

• Protect the vehicle and the fragile loads from vibrations while driving.

• Prevent the vehicle from leaning to one side in unbalanced loading conditions.

• Increase road holding of the vehicle for safety.


Blacktech Air Springs are put through a wide range of tests procedures to ensure that the air springs operate correctly and comply with required quality standards. Our goal is to be known as a company supplying high quality air spring products worldwide.

Blacktech air springs

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